Commissioning and Retro-commissioning

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Commissioning (Cx) and Retro-commissioning (RCx)

HVAC commissioning (Cx) is the systematic process by which the design, installation, and operation of building systems and components are quality-checked and documented as functioning as intended. The Cx process helps ensure that HVAC systems operate at peak energy efficiency while greatly increasing the useful life of the equipment. Commissioning will also decrease operations and maintenance costs while enhancing the interior environment for occupant health, safety, and comfort.

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Industry Best Practice

Energesco works closely with design teams to incorporate the Cx plan into the construction documents. Once construction begins we work directly with the contractor to run equipment through its sequence of operations, noting all deficiencies. We continue to work with the contractor making certain that all deficiencies have been corrected. We help facility operators navigate the commissioning process as required by LEED, local code, sustainability goals, and industry best practices.

Energesco works closely with design team
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A full turnkey service

Where commissioning works with systems as they are being newly installed, retro-commissioning (RCx) works with systems that have aged over time. Similar to energy auditing, any building that has not had a Cx or RCx process completed in the last ten years would greatly benefit from this process. As systems age, components begin to wear down and prevent operation as initially designed. Building operators and occupants also may spot changes that put systems further out of their initial specification. Using the RCx process, our teams evaluate and collect design information for all HVAC systems and controls. We create an RCx test plan that identifies all operational deficiencies and deviations from the initial design and manufacturer’s specifications. We then provide all corrective measures with our HVAC installation team, providing a full turnkey service.