LED Lighting


LED Lighting

Energesco is helping to lead the evolution to LED lighting through the design and installation of some of the most advanced LED lighting systems and controls available.

Over the past several years, the lighting industry has witnessed a shift away from inefficient and outdated incandescent and fluorescent lighting. At the same time, there has been tremendous growth in the availability of low-cost, high-quality, super-efficient LED bulbs and fixtures that can accurately provide multiple levels and colors for virtually any desired application.


LED light fixtures

Energesco has taken advantage of this and has designed and installed thousands of interior and exterior LED light fixtures. We have also secured over a million dollars in rebate money for our customers that have made the shift to LED.

In addition, Energesco also acts as a national LED lighting vendor to our clients with large portfolios of properties, and we are able to source, ship and install lighting products anywhere throughout the United States and Canada.

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